Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why would you ask that?

It always amuses me when people ask questions that they know the answers to… This morning my doctor did another ultrasound to find out that the baby is still breech. She also confirmed what I know that her head is tucked under one side of my ribs and her feet are tucked under the other. She then asked if it hurt? I'm sure the bemused look I gave her went unnoticed, but really? Did you need to ask me that? I have a 9.5 pound baby hanging out on my bladder (I'll get to that later) and her head is poking against my ribs… I told her it hadn't exactly been a real comfortable 2 weeks. As far as the bladder thing – that's the baby's new favorite thing – to try and see how many times she can poke me in the bladder in the span of an hour. She's getting very good at it! I am not quite sure what it is she's poking me with since her hands and feet are both by my ribs, so I'm figuring perhaps she has a pokey butt =)

C-Section is scheduled for 4pm next Monday (Sept 27th) and the Lisowe family is getting ready. We're spending a "quiet" week at home with Braden and trying to balance getting him ready for baby sister and spoiling him in his last week as an only child. He's very excited about the reported "present" that he gets from baby sister. He's also very excited about being a big brother and finally getting to meet her. He still talks to her a lot and got a kick out of it last week when I showed him where her booty was in my belly.

Brad and I are doing well and pretty much 100% settled in the new house. I can't speak for Brad, but I love it here! I love the neighborhood (not that we didn't love our last one) and the amount of room we all have here. It's a little more work in terms of the yard and upkeep, but worth it in the long run! The nursery is all decorated, and the only thing I have left to do is finish putting her name on the wall. I made cute little circles with each letter of her name on them, but Brad won't let me hang them up until she is officially here =) I will give you the initials though – her initials are officially ADL (slight change from what we had thought they would be – it's been a long journey for me on the middle name – which I can explain once she gets here!).

As this may be the last post for a while, thank you all for taking this very special journey with us. I feel totally unprepared at times just because the first time around I had read every book and knew exactly what we were supposed to do at all times. This time I figure we'll just wing it. Brad seems to remember a lot more about what we did with Braden than I do, so hopefully he won't get too sleep deprived and can keep me on the right track! We'll send official news and pictures from the hospital next week! Hugs and kisses to everyone!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Settled!

It's Settled!

Well – It's pretty much settled. Baby A will come out via a c-section on Monday, September 27th. Other than being upside down, she looked very healthy during her ultrasound yesterday. She is also gigantic! I seriously almost fell off the table when the doc told me she weighed 8lbs 15 ozs – and that was at 37 weeks and 1 day! I also couldn't tell the number to any of my other mommy friends without laughing. Now I'm kinda glad she's upside down! She also has her head in one side of my ribcage and her feet in the other for maximum levels of discomfort.

We took our ultrasound pix home and showed Braden. He seemed excited, but he was more excited when I showed him where baby sister's head and booty were. He spent the evening talking to her head and yelling at her booty. We've been getting him ready for what's coming up in the next few weeks and he even has a special surprise for anyone who drops by to see his new baby sister. He's been such a big helper boy since we've moved and is really growing up…some days!

As for me – apparently some things haven't changed from one pregnancy to another. I've got carpal tunnel again in my right hand which causes it to fall asleep about 5-6 times per hour. Nothing that won't go back to normal – just very annoying. I did also have the first person comment on my lack of a wedding ring last week sometime. I long for the day (in two weeks) when I can get it back on! I miss seeing it! Other than that and some minor discomfort and a total lack of being able to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time, I'm doing great. Weight is good (I think I'm at around 33 pounds gained total) and blood pressure continues to be good, so now we're in the home stretch.

The nursery is all ready and I can say I can't be more proud of how it turned out. It is pretty much exactly what I wanted for her! I did have the doc confirm yesterday that she is indeed a girl so we don't have any surprises. The one sad thing is that I'm not sure she'll fit into the outfit I wanted to bring her home in. Normally no big deal, but it's the one I wore home from the hospital and it's just not looking like I can stuff a 10 pound baby in there… Maybe I can let her wear the dress as a belly shirt =)

In house news, we are officially all settled in. Brad got our pictures hung up (and despite what he tells you it did not take him 4 hours) and we had our open house over the weekend. I had so much fun showing off all of the hard work to our friends and family. Now we've got a huge to do list, but what home owner doesn't? I think Brad is going to spend his last weekend as a 1-kid-dad getting his workshop put together so he has a place to retreat =)

Back to the doc next week and unless something changes between now and then, we're on track for a 9/27 delivery. Thanks for all the well wishes and kind notes over the past week. Brad and I feel much more confident about the c-section now than we did at this time last week. See you next week!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The things we do for our kids!

I have rug burns on the tops of my toes and I can barely see over my desk at work today… Why you ask? I'm trying to get the baby to cooperate and turn her little booty around so she can come out in a few weeks!

I felt the need to document the lengths I am going to so that I can remind the baby of this when she turns 15 and hates me… I'll remind her that I sat on an exercise ball at work for 2 days looking like a fool every time someone walked around my office. I'll remind her ever so gently that I crawled on all 4s at 8 months pregnant and then sat in what can only be described as a yoga pose gone horribly wrong because she was being stubborn. I'll remind her that while performing said motions that I got rug burns on the tops of my toes! And chances are she'll just call me a dork and keep hating me =)

But as parents, it's our jobs to do everything we can to make our children's lives the best they can be – even before they get here. We found out yesterday at our appointment that the baby is breech right now so after doing some research I've found some "exercises" that may help her get turned the right way. At this point I'm pretty much willing to try anything because as great as a free tummy tuck sounds, not being able to pick up Braden or the baby for 6 weeks afterward doesn't sound appealing at all.

So, we've got another ultrasound next Monday and a doc appointment with my regular doctor on Tuesday at which point we'll have to make a decision about what comes next. As much as I'm not a fan of having a c-section, I have bigger issues with trying to have a breech baby naturally. Way too many ways things can go wrong. So, keep us in your thoughts and prayers and we'll let you know how things go next week! Think flippy thoughts!