Friday, May 28, 2010

Rants and Raves

Starting today with a rant, but ending on a good note. But, before the rant – baby girl is alive and kicking! ALL THE TIME! She kicks way more than I remembered Braden kicking (but perhaps I just forgot what he did). She tends to kick in the morning and then at night, but not too much from about 2-6 or 7pm. Anyway – I have another ultrasound next Friday morning so I'm excited about that. Next appt. with our doctor is June 15th, but right now all is well.

Ok, so for my rant – maternity clothes. I know I spend way too much time on the blog talking about them, but I'm in them a lot these days! Where did all of the cheap Maternity clothes go? Let's be real… I don't spend all that much money on my "real" wardrobe, so the thought of spending hundreds and hundreds on a maternity wardrobe irritates me to no end. I was lucky enough to have my mom and Brad's mom help me out with my summertime maternity wardrobe earlier this year, so that has been nice.

But – Wal Mart no longer sells maternity, Target, JCP, Babies R Us, Kohls, etc all have exactly 2 racks in their maternity sections. Leaving me two options – 1) shop at the high end stores or 2) drive all over God's creation trying to find the two simple items I needed (leggings and a swim suit). I chose option 2. Target, thank goodness, had my leggings and I'm loving them, but I literally went to 8 stores in search of a maternity swimsuit under $45. I FINALLY found one on clearance at the 8th store I went to. Madness! I am just wondering where all of the pregnant women I see walking around get their clothes… They must all either be willing to spend a boatload of money OR make their own clothes because I promise they aren't getting them anyplace else!

So, enough of the rant. I have to end this wonderful start to a holiday weekend blog on a high note. I have noticed lately that Braden is in what I call the "fascination stage". He is fascinated and amused by literally everything. Yesterday he and Brad spent time galloping around the kitchen and you would have thought that they had just been to see Adam Sandler live the way Braden was laughing. He shrikes with glee every time he runs through a bubble or finds a worm. I wonder though, when did we lose that? I miss being amazed by things like that and loving life that much. I am going to make an effort over the next several months to pattern my life more after Braden's and less like my sulky co-workers. I encourage you to do the same and get back to the "fascination stage".

Enjoy your holiday weekends! We'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's a... GIRL!

May 10, 2010

So, I'm going to stop starting every blog with "I'm a slacker". Let's just all agree that I'm a slacker when it comes to the blog and move on. I do have good reason to have been a slacker this time, but you'll see below.

So, for any of you that haven't heard – IT'S A GIRL!!!!! Needless to say I'm over the moon excited. I had steeled myself for a boy so when we heard the news I cried! I didn't cry when we found out what Braden was, but I guess that is because it was the first and I knew I wanted one of each so the fact that he was a boy was a bonus. With this one, I cried for sure. She is healthy and content to hang out at the bottom of my belly right now. We go back June 4th for another ultra sound. Yippee!

With Braden I had the nursery picked out before we knew the sex. With this one I've changed my mind no less than 3 times per day for the last week. I have finally decided on a nursery fabric and theme. It is going to be mainly bright pinks and greens with flowers and lady bugs. It is super cute! I'm also making a balloon bouquet out of different fabrics to hang on the wall and a name hanging once we figure out what that's going to be.

And as for the name – we don't have one yet, but even once we do, no one will know it until the day she is born. That is Brad's small piece of info that he gets to hold on to. He has told me I can release the first letter for those who need it for embroidery reasons. We have decided on a middle name and pretty much narrowed the first name down to two names. One is a family name (though I won't tell you whose family) and one is not. Neither is a common name so you probably wouldn't ever guess =)

That being said I'm feeling good (other than crazy hormones) and the back pain is pretty much gone. At least the constant back pain is gone, which is nice.

We are working feverishly to get the house ready to put on the market by June 1st. We have also recently made the decision to start house hunting. Obviously our preference would be for our house to sell and then we buy a new one, but that was stressing me out (and in turn stressing Brad out) so we have slightly changed directions. Pretty much we want an offer on a new house by August time frame. It was just too stressful for me not to know where I am bringing a baby home from the hospital to. I've got our first appt set up with our realtor on Thursday to see 2 houses. Will keep you all updated.

Now back to baby. So far I have only bought her 6 outfits and those were all consignment outfits so I feel very restrained! I've got fabric to make 2 blankets (not the nursery bedding) and I got one small thing for the wall. For me having known for over a week I feel very restrained =)

Talk to you all soon. We've got a busy rest of the month and an even busier June!

May 19, 2010

So is it sad that it's been so long since I posted a blog that I forgot my password? Ahh. Anyway, it's another double addition, but this one will be short.

First – I'm feeling well still. I seem to have exploded over the weekend and am not loving that. My back is also starting to hurt when I sit in one place too long, but other than that – I'm good.

Baby seems to still be doing well. I've got an appointment on Friday. Hopefully I'll get my iron levels checked because I think I'm a little low again. One more pill each morning won't kill me though!

I guess that’s about it for the update. We're busy, busy, busy getting the house ready to put on the market and looking at new houses to buy. Such an exciting time! Braden is reading his big brother book and trying to get the hang of things!

Will check in soon!