Friday, March 26, 2010

Fat Feet and all that Jazz...

We had our second doctor visit today. Baby is looking good. I think I'm the one that's in trouble =) Now that I'm over the nausea and exhaustion, I've got back pains and feet that don't fit into shoes. Doctor Johnson wasn't super happy about the symptoms being so early, but said sometimes it just happens. The only medicine is to put my feet up a lot and rest =)

Anyway, baby looks good. Heartbeat was right around 148. Not much else happened at the visit. Still about 5-6 more weeks until we find out the sex of the baby. So hopefully shortly after our next doctor visit we'll have an update.

Other than the aching back and swollen feet I guess I've got nothing else. I have found though that where in the first pregnancy everyone loved to scare me with their labor stories, for the second one people love to tell stories about how much weight they gained, or how it is so much harder to take the weight off, or how the symptoms are worse and sooner. Joy Joy.!

We're off to Auburn this weekend for my cousin Jenny's baby shower. There must be something in the water. Everyone seems to be pregnant!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Update

First of all, I know I'm a slacker! It's been almost 3 weeks and I haven't written a new blog. I have no excuses, just that we're trying desperately to find our way into the terrible 2's at home! I will not lie, it hasn't been the easiest transition for the toddler or the parents!

But, this blog is supposed to be about our #2, so let me give you all an update! I have found yet another difference with this pregnancy… The first time around every thought was centered around the baby that we were going to get at the end. Since we already have kind of an idea what that is like, I'm trying to focus on some of the perks of being pregnant. I have decided that the #1 perk of being pregnant (outside of getting a baby of course) is maternity clothes! I have started wearing some the past few days because I just can't get the jeans zipped up anymore (even though I've only gained 1 pound since our last visit which is truly remarkable considering how I hate on the cruise!). I forgot how great maternity clothes are!

As you all may notice by the way I dress, I prefer comfort over fashion any day of the week. If the two happen to coincide one day, all the better. Well, I truly believe that maternity pants are the ultimate in comfort! It's like wearing pajama pants to work every day! I've got this nice little soft ring around the top of my pants that is made of elastic. It's like wearing your Thanksgiving elastic pants every day!

Ok – so enough about my pants. I have started to feel the baby kicking and I have noticed a few things. 1) She's (yes – I'm wishful thinking again!) a night owl and likes to get up and play around (oh – just felt a small jab – she must know I'm talking about her!) 8:00 every night and generally does some sort of acrobatic feat near my bladder! And 2) she either really likes or really hates spicy food because that usually gets her up and moving.

And speaking of spicy food, that is one downfall for me right now. I get incredible heart burn after eating anything remotely spicy, and for me, that's definitely NOT NORMAL!
Other than that and getting the timing of my vitamins down, I'm feeling pretty good again. Looking forward to the 2nd trimester and all that spring and summer have to bring.

I cannot promise it will not be this long again before I write another one, but our next doc appt is March 26th at 9am. No – we won't know the sex by then. Probably another 7 weeks at least (another kick). As for other news – 2 days from now I will be the mother of a 2 year old. Wish me luck!