Wednesday, April 28, 2010

17 weeks appointment

So I heard my morning show DJ say something I think it pretty prolific this morning. He has 2 younger children and mentioned that every action he takes or doesn't take towards his children will affect branches of his family tree for generations to come.

When I first heard this, I thought – Ludacris! Then when I started thinking about it, it makes sense. How many studies have been published that children who were abused grow up to be abusers, or children of domestic violence often continue the cycle with their own children? And on the other hand, how many children who grown up in wonderful families go on to have happy, normal families of their own?

Now some people might think that is a scary situation to be in – that your actions – good or bad – can shape your family for years and decades to come. I think it is an amazing and awesome responsibility and gladly accept the challenge.

Of course, some days it is easier said than done! We make it our first priority to raise Braden (and peanut) in a safe, nurturing environment. But beyond that, what is our responsibility? We are teaching him manners and I take no greater pride than when adults tell me that my 2 year old tells them thank you. We teach him how to enjoy life – both the simple and exciting things. We are working to teach him patience and in the meantime trying to learn it ourselves. We teach him that hitting is not a way to solve things by not using that method for discipline. Not that I see anything wrong with it, but we learned very early on that he mimicked our actions and started hitting us and other children.

I think some people are afraid to bear children into the world we live in today because it is a scarier place than when we were kids. We face oil shortages, child predators, school shootings, environmental issues, and the list goes on. But how exciting is it that I can the opportunity to change that world starting with 2 children – my own. They say some teachers have an impact that stay with children forever, but how much more true is that for parents? I am excited at the prospect of being able to teach my children the way I'd like the world to be – a courteous, non-violent, wonderful world. That doesn't mean I put blinders on them, but I can change this world – even if it is a small step at a time.

Anyway, I know this is a bit chipper – maybe it's the hormones, but I just wanted to share my excitement with you!

16 week Checkup

Ok – so I'm not sure if I've shared this with all of you, but I'm making my "sex" prediction now. I'm pretty sure it's a boy. Don't ask me why – I just am. In the beginning I really, really wanted a girl, but now that it's almost time to find out, I am becoming more and more excited just about finding out and more and more comfortable with the idea of having 2 boys.

Anyway, had my almost 17 week appointment last Friday (April 23rd) and all was well with mommy and baby. My blood pressure is super great and the doc even said she was "proud" of my weight management.

She and I also got into a very humerous discussion about how I'm a weird (my words not hers) preggo woman. Example – most women's allergies get worse when they are pregnant or have a baby. Mine have almost cured themselves. I still have occasional attacks (mainly when I'm visiting relatives) but at home – nada. I went from twice a week – could not drive – attacks to nothing. Then there is the eye color. After I had Braden my eyes turned more green than blue. Now that I'm pregnant again, my eyes are back to blue. Then there is the teeth thing. Most women's teeth get better after they deliver – I never had a single tooth problem (other than braces) in my life until after I delivered Braden. Now that I'm pregnant again – 1st cavity. Go figure!

Anyway, it's just funny how different things are and you don't realize it until you compare notes!

Next doc appointment with my doc is May 21st…and by then we'll know the sex! I got May 3rd to find out the sex! At this point Brad and I just want to know! Braden still wants a doggie so I'm pretty sure we can rule out that he's getting what he wants out of this =)

One more fun announcement (I may have said this already but I can't remember anything to save my life these days!) We're putting the house on the market at the end of May. Wish us luck!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Big News (No not the sex!)

3 weeks ago

Well – the lines have been clearly drawn in our household. While Braden still wavers from day to day between doogie and baby, he has come down firmly on the baby brother side.

It's actually very cute. We've been trying to get Braden used to the idea of a baby and why he has to be more gently with mommy, so I started pointing to my belly and telling him he can rub on the baby. That's all well and good until he wants to see the baby. I still haven't quite figured out how to explain to him that the baby is inside mommy. For now I just tell him the baby is napping…

Feeling pretty good – especially compared to last week. I still have a little bit of swelling, but nothing like last week. I'm starting to not be able to fit into my wedding ring, which is a bummer. Other than that we're just enjoying the beautiful week we're having outside and getting ready for more visits with family.

Baby is kicking a little bit, so I guess maybe she's trying to say hi.

So I always have good intentions of blogging, but obviously since I started one 3 weeks ago and never published it, those intentions are not being followed through on!

Starting to get a bump. I'm at the point where if I don't wear maternity clothes folks must wonder if I'm fat or pregnant. Maternity shirts from here on out for me =)

Feeling great though. My back has finally started to feel better for the most part. Hopefully it stays this way. Still swollen, so apparently that isn't going to change.

Doc appt next week (17 weeks) so hopefully the week after we'll have our ultrasound to determine the sex. Yay!

One other big note – we're in the process over the next 6 weeks of getting the house ready to put on the market. Over 17 hours of driving to and from Arkansas, Brad and I determined that now is the perfect time to buy a bigger house. We realize we may not get everything out of this house that we've put into it, but Duluth seems to be really rich in foreclosure houses in our size and our budget. That means that we get to stay in the area we've come to love, and get the house we need. Anyway, wish us luck. I know we're crazy to attempt to do this right now, but for us I think it just may be the right decision for now.

So – don't be surprised later this year if I come begging for help moving. Doctor already won't be life anything over 30 pounds (Braden is only 28!) so I won't be too much help.

One more update – as I mentioned earlier, we just got back from a quick weekend trip to Arkansas. We stopped by Ross and Amie's house and saw Murfreesboro and my friend Ashley. Then onto Arkansas to stay with Bobby and Melissa for the weekend. They were nice enough to host a bday party for Braden for some family and friends. Thanks to all who made our weekend so great. It was the perfect mini vacation. Always great catching up with people who we don't get to see that often.