Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We've got a Live one…

We've got a Live one…

Sorry I didn't have a chance to update you after my last doc appt, but we left the next day for vacation.

Anyway, all is well with mom and baby. I told the doc that she was a week and a day ahead of schedule and the doctor just shot me a sideways glance… Now let me tell you something… Sideways glances are good from your significant other, not from your doctor. Especially when that sideways glance involves something that will be exiting a very small hole in your body in the not too near future! So needless to say I'm not expecting baby girl to stay in until her due date. I have nicknamed her Gigantor for the meantime =)

On a more fun note, she is super active now! Still pretty much at regular intervals (thank you for that!), but more often during the intervals and more active when she's active. Brad has gotten to feel her (she must know I'm talking about her because she just kicked my belly button!) a few times. He poked her in the head the other day because she wasn't moving for him and she then proceeded to kick back for the next 4 hours. Note to self – do not poke the baby in the head! We tried to get Braden to feel her, but he wasn't too keen on it yesterday. Oh well.

I also found out some great news when I got back from vacation yesterday – Tabitha is having a boy! For those of you who don't know, we went through our first pregnancies together and her daughter is 5 weeks older than Braden. Now she's due 5 weeks after me and having a boy. Our two little perfect pairs!

Vacation was a blast. Baby cause minor discomfort after I slid down waterslides for an hour, but other than that felt great! Braden had a blast seeing everyone and sleeping in his "special bed" his grandpa made. We also learned on vacation that Braden can escape from the pack n play so that is no longer a viable containment method for us =( We put him down for a nap one day and half an hour later he proudly proclaimed from the top of the stairs "I'm out daddy!" That was fun!

I guess there's no other news for now. Enjoying some much needed downtime after the past several months. Will keep everyone informed!

PS - We're putting an offer in on a house this week!

Friday, June 4, 2010

More Baby Pix!

Overjoyed today. Had our second ultrasound and baby girl is doing great! Spine, brain, and heart all look perfect! When the nurse came in, she must have been sleeping (the baby – not the nurse) because she didn’t move around much. However, when the doc came in, she was all sorts of active. It was fun because I could feel it and see it! We got some great pics that you'll see at the bottom.

Not so shocking is that she's big just like her brother. We have an official due date of 10/3, but she is measuring 1 week and 1 day bigger than that (putting an estimated due date at 9/25). It's funny because 4 weeks ago she was measuring exactly at 10/3. She weighs almost 1.5 lbs right now. I'm sure Doctor Johnson will keep an eye on her growth just like she did with Braden. Hopefully she'll have a small head like Braden did, too =)

Update on the rest of the family – Braden is doing great and enjoying summer! He loves dirt, bugs, and all of the other things little boys are supposed to love! He's having a blast with his friends at school and here at home, too. Brad and I are doing well and almost done with getting the house ready. Maybe one more day of work. It's going on the market today so think good thoughts. We both have very mixed feelings about leaving this house and this neighborhood, but at the end of the day both agree we need the space.

Now that the house is done, I've started working on the baby's room. I sewed her blanket for the crib the other night. It turned out super cute! I'll try to send pictures soon. It's light pink and green with flowers and lady bugs and a link pink ruffle on the sides. I am very pleased with how it turned out. I've got a couple of more blankets to make and then I'll dive into the wall hangings. I think I've decided I'm going to do 2d bubbles. I found some super cute fabric so my plan is to cut out some foam and cover it with the polka dot fabric to hang on the falls. We shall see how it turns out. I've also got an idea for a lamp and a memory board. Now all I need is the time and energy to get it all done! I promise pictures sometime…

Here's the ultrasound pix…
First one is the profile and bottom one is the baby pointing up toward mommy =)

First one is another profile. Second is the face.
The third and fourth are each of her feet
Fifth and 6th are another profile and face.