Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Busy...who us?

So lately I find myself answering the question "So, how have you been?" with a single word. Busy. And it's usually yelled back over my shoulder as I'm running off to wherever the tiny humans and I are headed.

With two kids and only one of me, we have "scheduled" activities 5 out of 7 days. And that is with each kid having only 1 activity. Braden is playing soccer this fall and Amelia is taking dance. I'm in a kickball league (because obviously that is what grown ups do…), so Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (church), Thursday, and Sunday afternoons/evenings are all scheduled. That usually leaves Friday night for snuggle time on the couch and Saturday often times is such a blur I can't begin to imagine how we fit it all in.
B and Jax at VBS
But what isn't said after the "busy", is that we're good. I've always been a person on the go. I enjoy living life at a busy pace. And I've been incredibly blessed with children who either have no choice in the matter so they go along to get along, OR they actually enjoy the frenzied pace that I keep, too.
Zipline at a friend's house
Kids on the plane to Florida
I like to think it is the latter. Especially when I hear folks telling me that "they don't know how I do it" or "you only get them this age for a little while"… Well, why do you think we're doing all of this stuff? I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the family that sits at home and enjoys a slower paced life with each other. That just isn't our family. And my kids and I have plenty of quality time together. 90% of the time we eat dinner at the table together every night (ok, sometimes they are at the table and I am leaning over the sink eating while I'm also trying to clean the kitchen before dance class, but we still talk about our day so I feel like it still counts). Every Saturday and Sunday, no matter what we're doing the kids climb into bed with me and we watch Disney Jr. for an hour before beginning our day. I ready to my kids. Every night (ok – we'll go 90% here, too).
Sea World San Antonio
But, my kids and I have also had some amazing adventures over the past 2 1/5 years that I wouldn't trade a moment of. I'll attempt to recap what we did this summer since apparently the last blog I wrote (before the date blog, which by the way went well!) was in February 2012.
2013 AR Travelers
Ok, so our summer was full of baseball. We spent an average of 1 night per week from April – August at Dickey Stephens Park watching the Travelers play. I've got more game balls piled up in various corners of my house than I remotely know what to do with. What can I say? Amelia had the bullpen wrapped around her little finger. We got to know the staff, players, and made some great memories along the way. Amelia also had an awesome trip to the ER during one game, but like I said, we live an exciting life.

Memphis Zoo
In May I took my first mom only vacation in a moment. I went to Portland to visit Ross and Amie for a week. It was amazing. No other words. And I love my kids, but thank god that they didn't go with me. I barely survived the 9 hours of travel time, so I'm almost certain someone would have gone out the side hatch had they been with me. Memorial Day weekend was spent in Memphis with my friend Jessi and her daughter Hannah (who is Amelia's age). In a little over 36 hours we drove to Memphis, did the zoo, Children's Museum, Beale Street, Peabody Hotel, swam and drove home.
Braden at baseball camp

Dolphin Tour in Florida
In comes June, which brought more baseball and vacation bible school. B went to two in one week and loved them both.  Can't wait til sis is old enough to go and I'll get a 2 hour break for 4 nights… What will I ever do with myself? Braden also went to the Bryant Hornet baseball camp. He also played baseball again this spring with his best friend Jaxon. We also did a rotating dinner club with about 10 other families every Wednesday night. I seriously think that might have been one of my favorite parts of summer. We got a lot closer to a lot of friends and I can't wait to do it again next year!

Wild River Country
July was kind of a blur…but a great one. We spent a week in San Antonio with mom and Larry and my aunt flew in from Florida. We spent the majority of our time at Sea World or in mom's pool. Sea World was beyond amazing! Kids loved it, I loved it. Highly recommend to anyone who has a chance to go! Drove to Texas, but stopped in Dallas both ways to the drive wasn't too bad.

Amelia at her first movie
Home for a week so, Braden got to go to his first summer camp in July. He went to a week of RiverCity gymnastics summer camp. Loved it! Little bit took swim lessons. She sinks less now, so I guess that's good? I also took Amelia to her first movie, Monster's University. Epic fail. She was kind of terrified of the giant centipede thing. Then we took off to visit my aunt in Florida. I was scared because I was flying by myself with the kids, but I could not have asked for an easier journey! Kids and I had a blast at the beach and just kind of took it easy and enjoyed each other.

Kids in Branson
August ushered in what I had predetermined to be our "get back in school mode", but ended up being my "suck every last ounce of summer of out this month" month. More baseball, Wild River Country, quick trip to Branson with friends, open house for Kindergarten, and did I mention baseball? August also brought Braden's first day of Kindergarten (I'll brag on how great he's doing in another blog)! We've become Bryant Hornet fans so of course we attended the Blue/White game.
Braden's first day of school at Hurricane Creek Elementary

September has been a blur of baseball (I know...you get the picture!), parades, school, dance, soccer, Razorback parties, running,

Birchtree 1 mile race
and oh yeah, my kid rode a sheep. 

Kids at the fair - pre sheep riding
So…there's also the whole I work full time, but that in a nutshell is what we've been up to. We're healthy and happy, and yes, we're good. Sometimes we're tired, but we're always good. Thanks for asking. 
Kids and my first Razorback tailgate at War Memorial

Friday, September 6, 2013

Oh the Iron…y

So something very amusing and slightly unexpected has happened this week. I had a date last night. And I realize that this blog is about my adventures in raising my children, but somewhere along the way dating has entered the realm of things I have to/get to do as a single parent.  

So last night as I'm getting ready I had an amazingly amusing comparison to getting ready for a date when I was 22 versus getting ready for a date when I am 32.

So when I was 22, getting ready for a date was often more fun than the actual date itself. I would spend days thinking about what I would wear, sometimes even buying a new outfit for the occasion. The day of I'd usually pluck my eyebrows and use some sort of fancy facemask so I could appear "fresh faced" and young. (HA!) I'd probably take a nap at some point so I'd be well rested for our dinner that probably had reservations sometime after 8pm. If I had the money I'd get a mani/pedi, but at the very least I'd do an at home mani/pedi and put a fresh coat of paint on the tootsies.
I'd probably take a bath, shave my legs, and use all sorts of crazy exfoliating stuff. Arms, elbows, knees, feet. You get the picture. There is a good chance I'd straighten my hair which is another 90 minutes tacked on. Finally I'd get dressed in the outfit I'd picked out 3 days ago and be off to my date.

Last night as Amelia and I were showering together because I literally did not have time to bathe her and myself before I went out, I chuckled to myself at the differences between my date night rituals from then and now.

Getting ready for a date at 32 looks something like this… After getting up and taking both kids to school, I came home and had 15 meetings on my schedule at work. After a good cry and trying to figure out how to actually perform any work while participating in 15 meetings, I had to grocery shop for a family in need that JA sponsors. Picked my kids up from their respective after school programs and rushed home. Had Braden do his homework partially in the car and shoved some food into both of them while making lunches for the next day. Braden was whisked away to a school meeting by a friend, so Amelia and I were free to jump in the shower. Obviously at this point in the day I have missed the fancy face masks, the plucking of the eyebrows, and more importantly, the nap!

As the tiny human keeps yelling at my for taking HER water (really? You have your own shower. Go there next time) I am trying to shave my legs and not fall down. I see some Mary Kay hand exfoliator stuff so I put some on mine and Amelia's hands. Which obviously leads to a fit complete with convulsions on the shower floor because she didn't like that on her hands. Trying to stick with my 10 years ago date night rituals I spy some carrot face cream that I try to rub on my face. Drop most of it on the floor while trying to answer 20 questions about why they put carrots in there and being very emphatically told that "I don't like carrots.". I know kid. I know!
So finally we're out of the shower. I realize at this point that I am supposed to meet this guy in 45 minutes and my hair is sopping wet and between work and the kids I haven't had a chance to think about what I'll wear tonight. Deep breath. Go into the closet. Find something clean. Wrinkled, but clean. Now this next step is probably more of the 22 year old self than what most 32 year olds would do, but I'm lazy and irons scare me. Wet the shirt and threw it in the dryer hoping it would get the wrinkles out by the time my sitter got there.

So at this point I'm mostly dressed (and praying my sitter is not early) and throw on a light dusting of makeup and run some mousse through my hair. It occurs to me that it is now 30 minutes before I'm due at the restaurant and I send up another prayer that not only will my shirt be dry but my hair also. All the while Amelia "needs some, too", so I'm trying to let her get ready like mommy without totally undoing the cleaning in the shower that she just got.

I realize that I have not addressed the mani/pedi situation so I look down. Hands are almost beyond help at this point so I move on. My toes are in worse shape and they've got peeling polish on them so I do a quick calculation and figure out that the best I'm going to get at this point is to remove the polish all together and just go bare. So I sit down and after getting the polish off of exactly one toe I run out of polish remover. Moment of panic while I try to figure out if I have enough time to repaint everything (answer is still no), and finally settle on just leaving the one toe naked and tucking it in my back pocket as a potential topic of conversation. Don't judge me. The only things I do these days are work, kids, and baseball so unfortunately on bad dates my lack of polish on one toenail might have made for interesting conversation.

Babysitter is late, but that is ok because I still have no shirt on. Check the shirt. Praise Jesus it's dry. Take one final look in my mirror and realize that this is as good as it gets these days and head out. Call a friend for a pep talk on the way there while trying to file my nails and the rest…well, that's for another day =)