Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Big Baby A

Big Baby A

Well – we've picked a name. I can't tell you what it is, but we've got it (sorry if I posted that in the last blog but I can't remember much of anything these days!). It starts with 'A'. Now the only thing I have to figure out is if I want to hyphenate the middle name or just stick with one… For now I'm leaning toward sticking with one, but that decision may come down to the wire…

Anyway – doc appointment was good today. Gained a little too much weight, but other than that mom and baby are both good. Baby is still growing big. She measuring about a week and a half big right now. Doctor Johnson says that is still within the norm. She's still very active. I swear the other night she was trying to break free!

Lots of people keep asking me how Braden is doing with the baby thing and he's doing as well as a two year old can be doing. I'm not sure he quite comprehends yet, but he is very loving with "baby sister" and gives her lots of love and kisses inside mommy's belly. We tried to have the talk with him about baby sister coming home to live with us and he was open to that, for as much as he understood.

Other big changes coming up, we're moving! That's right. We found a house (and a renter for our current house). The house is just up the road from where we are now and honestly I can't think of a more perfect place to raise our family. Brad and I are both very excited and we're getting Braden there. I've made him a few things for his new room and we keep talking about his new playroom so I think he'll be ok with the move.

Our renter happens to be my mom, who is moving to Atlanta from Texas to be closer to Braden and Baby A. It's funny how life sort of all comes together at certain moments, but she really is helping us out by renting our house for a little while. We're excited to have her here for other reasons too and if we could just get North Arkansas and Michigan a little closer to Georgia then we'd be all set =)

Just packing as much as I can over the next several weeks before my moving part of the job is done. We close July 30th and plan to move the next weekend. I'll keep everyone updated and for sure send nursery photos as soon as I get it set up. Next appointment is in 3 weeks =)