Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Catching Up

Yet again I have failed miserably at writing this blog. And I know I always have excuses, so let me throw a few out there for this one. Between Christmas, the holiday season in general, mini vacations, and a second job, it's been a little busy around here…

So, I'll start at the beginning. Christmas was wonderful at our house! The only complaint I might have (ok two complaints) is that I didn't take very many pictures. I was too busy enjoying the moments that I didn't capture very many of them for posterity. That being said, there were a lot of moments. This is the first year that both kids could really do anything on Christmas morning. Now, Amelia still doesn't get the concept, but Braden does. To say that he was overwhelmed on Christmas morning might be an understatement. He walked right past the ride on tractor that Santa had left and went to his stocking =) Amelia slept in and quickly took possession of her new baby doll stroller and hasn't slowed down since. Mom and I both got a stomach virus on Christmas day, so we had to reschedule Christmas dinner with the rest of the family, but all in all it was a wonderful Christmas celebration!

Twas the Night before Christmas...
Ready for Christmas eve service

Seeing the lights at the courthouse

I'm gonna get every last piece!
The holiday season almost did me in though. I felt constantly tugged in different directions and everyone wanted some time or money that I didn't feel I had to give. And of course I wanted to squeeze in some traditions with the kids. Mom and I took them to the capital building here to see the tree and manger scene and ready the story of the Christmas donkey. That was a very special day for me because she used to do the same thing with Ross and I as kids. The kids and I both had Christmas parties galore, and Braden was in the church Christmas pageant. He was the cutest stinkin angel I've ever seen!
Braden and Santa at his school party

Braden and Mommy after his big performace!
Then it was off to our mini-vacation. Since my family is all here now, I don't have to travel over the holidays (amen!), but I did want to take a little get away. We decided on Branson, MO. The hotel was great and had an indoor water park, an arcade, and giant ball play area. As a matter of fact I broke the skee ball high point score one morning at the arcade. Go me! We took the kids to a show with live trained animals in it. Contrary to the picture, they both loved it! It was a quick two day vacation, but we had a blast and it was great to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and work.

With Mimi at the hotel

Amazing Pets show

We walked through the mini golf course and checked out all of the cool stuff!

Speaking of work, I have taken a second job of sorts. I am now the new Director of Operations for StarCatcher sports. I am working with a guy who February – October of every year is on the road with the Baltimore Orioles, but in the offseason does camps, clinics, and runs a college placement service for athletes. My role is sort of a jack of all trades. I do the set up and marketing for the clinics, ad and PR work for the company, and media relations. As a matter of fact, we're going to be in a magazine in February. What that means for me personally is that I work 7:30-5 at my 'real job', play mommy until 8, then do work for StarCatcher in the evenings. One would think that would make me exhausted, but I am having a blast because it combines two of my true loves – marketing and sports.

I also made a quick trip to the Cotton Bowl (sans kids) and had a blast! It has been more than a moment since I have had the opportunity to be away from the kiddos and have fun like a grown up. Fort Worth was a great place to go out, the game was a blast, and Texas Stadium is insane! GO HOGS!

I know this is supposed to be a blog about the kids, so just so you know they're both doing great. Braden will start t-ball next month and Amelia is in the 85% in all of the charts for her 15 month check up. I'll keep you all updated on their happenings as we move into spring!

Getting ready for spring!