Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gigantor Strikes Again!

So – week 35 check up and the baby is big – and getting bigger… She is measuring between 2.5 and 3 weeks big. Ahh! She is also sitting pretty low already. Doc pretty much told me that she doesn't expect us to go full term. Not sure if I'm bummed or relieved.

Otherwise baby and I are both happy. Blood pressure is good for me – heart beat is good for her. We're to the point of going to the doc once a week, so next appointment is next Tuesday. We'll know more then about growth of the baby, etc.

In other news, the nursery is almost 100% done. We've sent the rocking chair back to Arkansas for some minor surgery (it fell out of the truck during the move!) and we've got to get the rails for the bottom of the crib, but other than that the walls are all decorated and her clothes are all washed and ready to wear. I even put together her diaper bag today! I've started packing our bag for the hospital, but it won't be finished probably until the day we go into the hospital. That is certainly a change from Braden… with him my bag was packed in the second trimester =)

Braden is getting more excited about his baby sister. Wants to know where she is all the time. He is getting adjusted to the new house more and more every day. He even helped decorate his room.

Brad and I are getting settled in, too. We're pretty much down to hanging pictures on the walls, which I would say is a pretty big accomplishment. I think I can speak for the whole family in saying that we made the right decision and will love this house for years to come. Now we just have to sit and wait for the rest of our little family to get here.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Hot, Hot, Hot!

So, no big shocker to anyone south of Kentucky, but IT'S HOT! As some of my pregnant friends can confirm, it's even hotter when you're pregnant! I'm talking if I step outside for more than 60 seconds I'm covered in sweat. Hormones are not my friend. To make it worse, it is the hottest summer on record in Atlanta. Joy!

But, enough complaining and onto more exciting things. We officially closed on our house last Friday and began moving in. Unfortunately both air conditioners were broken so please refer to paragraph 1 for my feelings on this! Other than that we're all super excited to finally be moving in. I know it was less than a month, but it has seemed like forever! We got a TON moved over the weekend and are bringing in reinforcements next weekend to help with the rest of the stuff. Hopefully the A/C units will be fixed by then so we can actually start sleeping there.

Braden has his new room all picked out and I found his Thomas stickers for his walls in a box yesterday so I plan on putting them up during my lunch today to surprise him after school. He's still very excited about baby sister and wants to know where she is at all times. I guess he got over her kicking him a few weeks ago =) I'm still not sure how the sharing situation is going to go, but I think he's going to make one heck of a big brother. He's been so attentive during the pregnancy I'm hoping it will continue after she is born.

Had another doc appointment today. I'm in my 31st week. Baby A is wiggling right now to say hello (it could have something to do with the donut I ate 20 minutes ago), but overall she is much calmer than Braden was. Braden tended to move all the time, and she tends to go more in bursts and then be still for hours at a time. Her growth seems to have slowed down, but she is still growing big (she's only 1 week ahead now instead of 2). I'm planning on moving her stuff over today and getting the nursery set up (sort of). Another appt in 2 weeks so I'll have another update then.